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Jamal used to be dogmatic. Well, he still slightly is. But now he is more open to hearing different opinions. Exploring free speech, Facebook debates, police brutality, privilege and self reflection... DOGMATIC focuses on what happened when Jamal became more aware of racial inequality and how he allowed this to consume him.

A combination of storytelling, performance lecture and protest. The audience gets to share their views and discuss ideas that they may agree or disagree with. DOGMATIC examines the concept that all views should be expressed and challenged and asks: is no idea above scrutiny?


Lead Artist - Jamal Gerald 

Dramaturgical Support - 

Season Butler & Ria Hartley

Set Design - Helen Russell Brown

Outside Eye - Richard Warburton 

Production Manager - Charlotte Woods 

Creative Producer - Lydia Cottrell 


A Theatre in the Mill commission DOGMATIC is supported using public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England with further support from Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, Cast, Live Art Bistro, Home Live Art and Live Art UK through Diverse Actions.


“Jamal Gerald is on track to becoming one of
Live Art’s premier provocateurs. Well-informed and self-reflexive, Jamal has shown an exemplary aptitude for marrying the personal and political in his work. He comes from a place, it seems to me, of rejecting orthodoxies (mainstream, liberal and leftist alike) in favour of a discourse of honest and close examination of contemporary relations. From this work, I expect audiences to be unsettled, stimulated and, hopefully, changed. This, I think, is rare: an artist who seeks not just to inform or change minds, but to challenge the very ways in which our minds are made up.”

                                                             - Season Butler

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