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Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection

Based on JUMBIE, the performance Jamal Gerald created, which resurrected the Jumbie dance of Montserrat. Part ritual, part party, part sex dungeon - and fully WTF. Although never presented to an audience, it will now remain archived. 


A chaotic, playful and naughty artist book. Including Jumbie stories, essays, reflections, photography and artistic responses. Highlighting the research and creative process, queerness, BDSM, ancestry and healing. 


A lost dance. A lost show. A story.



3 Monday Midnights is a three-part series that uses prose and poetry to transport Jamal into a supernatural world where he explores the history of Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the company of a Fallen Angel, a Loa, an Orisha - and a host of legendary musicians.

  • Artist: Jamal Gerald

  • Actor: Cameron Bernard Jones

  • Dramaturge: Maddy Costa

  • Ilustrator: Sumuyya Khader

  • Heart of Glass Producer: Emily Gee


A daring and unapologetic examination of religion, pop culture and Black representation. 

Who would you rather pray to? Beyoncé or white Jesus?

Jamal grew up Catholic in a Caribbean household, but would rather light a candle and worship celebrities than white saints. Combining African diasporic ritual, music and storytelling, Idol is a spiritual journey that asks what happens when you don't see yourself represented - featuring a host of celebrity appearances. 



Jamal used to be dogmatic. Well, he still slightly is. But now he is more open to hearing different opinions. Exploring free speech, Facebook debates, police brutality, privilege and self reflection… DOGMATIC focuses on what happened when Jamal became more aware of racial inequality and how he allowed this to consume him. A combination of storytelling, performance lecture and protest. You will get to share your views and discuss ideas that you may agree or disagree with. This work examines the concept that all views should be expressed and challenged and asks: is no idea above scrutiny? 



A one-to-one performance that was inspired by my discovery of privilege and the conversations that I went on to have about it. I have had conversations where people have been comfortable and not so comfortable. I wanted to make a safe space where people can feel comfortable when talking about these topics, in hopes that they will continue to have these types of conversations with others. During my time with a participant, I will ask a few questions, which will then lead to them picking a card.



Inspired by a Black gay experience, this autobiographical piece focuses on the ups and downs of pride and self-loathing. Through storytelling, spoken word and live art, Jamal Gerald develops the courage to tell his story of how he learned to celebrate his individuality, by embracing the slurs that were thrown his way, and how to wear labels without shame.




A collaboration with artist Jessica Sweet in his moving image debut. This film explores how two different people – one Black and male, and one white and female – have different experiences of privilege.

Commissioned by Random Acts North



Challenging what it means to be British and queer in 2016, Director, Scottee shines a light on a divided society, where those we think we identify with can shock and surprise us.

Putting Words in Your Mouth is a lip-sync marathon that’s messy, in more ways than one.

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