• Jamal Gerald

Conscious and Happy!

Hey! :) 

It’s that time again, where I put something out into the world. Scary! I promise you, it’s not something too provocative this time. Ha! But, it helps to push me to make it happen. So, here it goes…

I am going to make an exhibition called ‘Conscious and Happy’. This will be my fifth instalment of my body of work ‘Boxes’, which is focusing on the concepts of labels and privilege. This exhibition will explore being in two states of mind. The first time I became socially conscious about racial inequality, I was angry all the time. I was obsessed about bringing an end to white supremacy. I remember the impact it had on my mental health. I forgot to enjoy my life and to be happy. Through photography, audio and artefacts, Black people will display what makes them happy. I personally have rarely ever seen the words ‘conscious’ and ‘happy’ together. I want this exhibition to be a reflection of the world I would like to live in. Seeing an abundance of black people being conscious, but also being happy.

It’ll be good for me to get out of my comfort zone of always being on stage. Exploring a different art form that I’m not used to. I want to create something where I won’t always have to be present. I also want to focus on something that is strictly positive and not negative. As my past work has always focused on the bad things in life. I want to interview Black people from different ages, genders, ethnic backgrounds and occupations. Also, considering Black people based in different parts of the UK and beyond, as I want to explore various types of Black happiness. But, before I can do this, I need to spend time researching happiness and unpacking the different stages of becoming socially conscious as a black person. I’m hoping this research will help to make this exhibition a reality. In hopes that the results from the exhibition, will then lead onto becoming a bigger theatre production showcasing similar themes.

So, now I’ve announced it to the world. 

I have to do it! Wish me luck!

J xx

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