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Based on JUMBIE, the performance Jamal Gerald created, which resurrected the Jumbie dance of Montserrat. Part ritual, part party, part sex dungeon - and fully WTF. Although never presented to an audience, it will now remain archived. 


A chaotic, playful and naughty artist book. Including Jumbie stories, essays, reflections, photography and artistic responses. Highlighting the research and creative process, queerness, BDSM, ancestry and healing. 


A lost dance. A lost show. A story.


Contributors: Lee Affen, Mele Broomes, Rosie Elnile, Khadijah Ibrahiim and Ajamu X. 


Edited by Kadish Morris 

Design & Illustrations by Olivia Williams (Liv Will Design)

Cover Design & Typesetting by Katie McLean 

Cover Images: The Other Richard 


Produced by Dudaan. Supported by the Jerwood New Work Fund, The Writing Squad and Theatre in the Mill. 


Published by Live Art Development Agency 

Buy Dee Jumbie Dance: A Resurrection here.

ISBN: 978-1-916519-00-8

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